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Aster’s Good, Right Things by Kate Gordon

No! Never! by Libby Hathorn & Lisa Hathorn-Jarman

How to Make a Bird by Matt Ottley & Meg McKinlay


Emerging Entrepreneurs, this one is for you!

We are delighted to announce that on Monday 4th July and Wednesday 6th July, Michelle O’Hara and her talented team from OH Marketing will be hosting our 'Emerging Entrepreneur' Workshops! OH...

Produced by young people.

Celebrating young creative talent, giving them a voice and a platform to shine!

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Only when we test ourselves do we really learn and grow.

– Lucas Mendes (The Little Echo Contributor)

The Little Echo, in its essence, is a local initiative developed for our young creatives in the community to have a voice. A platform within their reach. From creative works, to Art, Photography and Writing, to local news, stories, photos, and thought-provoking content from our children’s perspective, The Little Echo has it all.


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Welcome to the first issue of The Little Echo!

We believe children are natural connectors and want to have a voice on social, environmental and human issues that affect our community. We also know they like to have fun, play, be creative and spark joy. The Little Echo is a platform that gives our community’s youngest citizens a big voice and a place to showcase their creative talents. This special feature is filled with local news, stories, photos and thought provoking content all from the children’s perspective.

Our dream is to turn The Little Echo into its own monthly publication solely produced by a team of young people. We hope to establish a young editor program with a group of young people aged 16-25, who will mentor students interested in a career in journalism, creative writing, photojournalism, print media, desktop publishing and digital marketing. We are extremely excited about creating this platform for our young people as well as the opportunity to help connect our community.

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