By Rose Ness W

There I was, cooped up inside my hole, the soft damp sand smooth on my skin. While I was sitting there I happened to hear a noise, much rather like a shovel. No, a pump! It had to be a pump. What on earth is a pump doing at this time? I clicked my pincers and thought. Before I could think twice, I was sucked out of my hole with a mouthful of sand. 

I tried to bury myself amongst the soggy sand but all too quick I was squeezed by the dreaded fingertips of ….A HUMAN! I was thrown into a tall blue circle and blunged into salty water. I blinked once, twice and my vision cam clear. Circled around me was a dozen of little yabbies just like me.

‘Hey Liz!’ I spotted her amongst all the terrified eyes. ‘Liz, where, why, how are we here?’

“Shelly! So good to see you!” piped up Lizzy in the crowd. “Let me explain. These crafty humans” her squeaky voice filled with putrid as she spoke the word, “have managed to suck us yabbies out of our beautiful homes!”

After she spoke every yabbies’ stomach lurched at the feeling of being lifted and carried along the shore. “These strange metal pipes are called Yabby Pumps,” continued Lizzy.

“How do you know all of this?” I pondered aloud. “Well Agatha of course. She knows everything about humans, from the tips of their hairs to the tips of their toes.  Now we may wait in this tall circle waiting to get killed by a menacing HUMAN.” Again, she spoke the word with putrid and hate, but this time louder.  Slowly, every yabby turned to stare at us. Liz did not care. She continued ton with her speaking as if nothing had happened. “A sharp piercing hook will stab through our bodies and we will get flung out to sea by strange invisible string.”

Again, I asked the question, “how do you know this?”

“Barry!” Liz spoke, her voice as clear as a seagull. “He was the one. The legend. He struggled and slipped off the hook, and slowly swam back to the shore half dead!”

Suddenly, a humans hand plunged into our blue tall circle and pinched a yabby.

“There goes Johnny!” I said aloud.

“There should be a stop to this! We need to have rights!” piped up a squeaky teenage of whom I did not know.

“We need to come up with a plan” said Liz, excitement in her voice. She loves plans.

So Lizzie and I began pondering away, our pincers click, click, clicking at different thoughts. Every now and then sea-cursed humans would come and grab a frightened yabby. Soon, there were only 15 of us left!

“I’ve got it! All we need to do is lean against one side of the circle and hopefully it will topple over!” I said in a big rush.

Every yabby pushed and laid themselves against the bucket. Me and Lizzie were there pushing for our lives. Bob, Jack, Jill and Agatha, Bill and Will and several yabbies of whom I did not know. The water was helping too, and the sand.  Everything in that tall blue circle was pushing for their lives. It wobbled once, twice, thrice and we toppled over with the bucket….FREE!

Luckily the humans were too worried about different hooks and did not see us or the bucket. We scurried back to the tide and dug little homes to live in forever.

So remember, humans who are reading this, Yabbies have rights.

We are smart and do not fear humans anymore!