Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Catman—the pen-to-paper brainchild of local 12-year-old author, Amiel Haddy. 

Yes, you heard that right. We have a 12-year-old author in our community! A book writer since the ripe age of 9, Amiel has successfully published 6 children’s books—all of which are centered around the notorious superhero Catman and his thrilling adventures. Although he is really an 8-year-old boy named Alex, ‘Catman’ spends this book series fighting off evil with his supernatural powers of flight, super-speed, retractable claws, and a super-sonic purr. And how does Alex maintain this wild and wonderful double life? A magic, shapeshifting ring, of course! 

For as long as Amiel can remember, he’s always had an interest in books. But his calling for writing didn’t come until he was 9 and losing himself in Andy Griffiths’ world-renowned Treehouse series. He became so inspired that, in 2018, Amiel won first prize in an Andry Griffiths/ Dymock’s Books national writing competition. 

Amiel’s parents are super-duper proud of their son’s love for writing. His mum, Oriana Haddy, helped him publish and sell his books. Amiel boasts, ‘Mum thought I would lose interest after writing the first book, but I haven’t yet!’

Besides from reading and writing, Amiel is an avid video-gamer, Lego-builder, and content creator on his YouTube Channel, TheGamingComputer_26. As such, Amiel’s big dreams for the future include becoming a famous author—unsurprisingly!—but also a famous streamer. Right now, the young teenager is continuing to shoot for the stars with his more mature fantasy novel in the making! 

​For anyone interested in checking out Amiel’s awesome collection, head to his Mum’s Commerce profile on FaceBook Marketplace: Oriana M Haddy. Books 1-6 come as an $18 set in A5, or $30 in A4, with individual copies selling fast at only $3. Copies can be picked up or posted from Albany Creek, but deliveries are currently unavailable. 

However, everyone beware! Amiel warns you all to buckle in for a rollercoaster-ride of reading fun. As the worlds of good and evil collide, which side do you think will win? Can Catman save the day after all?