About The Little Echo

“Pretty much all the honest truth telling there is in the world is done by children.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

We believe children are natural connectors and want to have a voice on social, environmental, and human issues that impact our community. We also know they like to have fun, play, be creative, and spark joy.

The Little Echo is a platform that gives our community’s youngest citizens a BIG voice and a place to showcase their creative talents. This website is filled with local news, stories, photos and thought-provoking content—all from the children’s perspective.

Not only does The Little Echo create a platform for young people to harness their talents, build new skills, along with providing an outlet and voice for our youngest citizens, but the initiative actually helps to connect the community. Here at The Little Echo, we hope that our young creatives can deliver key messages that will in turn provoke changes within our community.  We also hope that this platform can promote inclusion by ensuring all children and young people in the community—no matter their background—have a voice. 

Furthermore, The Little Echo is produced by a team of young people and we hope to establish a young editor program for young people aged 16-25, who will mentor students interested in a career in journalism, creative writing, photojournalism, print media, desktop publishing and digital marketing.

We are extremely excited about creating this platform for our young people as well as the opportunity to help connect our community.


What have our Little Echo Community been up to?

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